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List of Shows

Mad Science special events are flexible and can be customized to suit your needs, schedule, budget, or audience size.

Shows are held at the location of your choice and are between 45 minutes to 60 minutes in length. Back-to-back shows can also be accommodated.

We offer the following spectacular shows:

Fire and Ice – Children will be dazzled and entertained as they interact with our Mad Scientists! Make hypotheses, explore chemical reactions, air pressure, and the 3 states of matter. Foggy dry ice storms, firey magic tricks, and a special "Alien" guest will keep these kids on the edge of their seats!

*** Most popular

Up, Up and Away! – You think homework is pressure? Just wait until you learn how the weight of the earth’s atmosphere pushes down on you with the force of two elephants! Explore how Bernoulli’s principle creates enough lift to make a jumbo jet fly or how air pressure can be used to launch a hot air balloon. Watch in amazement as our vortex generator creates giant smoke rings. Want even more pressure? Then glide on down! Mad Science shows are fun and educational, and this program will leave you flying high!

Shocktacular! - Connect with your friends through the power of electricity! In this show we focus on electric based experiments that will literally make your hair stand up. We discuss everything from what can be used as a electrical conductor to the inventors who took electricity further than we ever thought possible. Place your hand on a Van De Graff Machine and shock your friends with what happens next. Watch as our Tesla Coil sends out bolts of electricity and even ignites pieces of flash paper from a distance! And turn on a light bulb with your own body when you become a human circuit!

What Do You Know About H2O? - Did you know that of the vast amount of water on our planet, only 1% is fresh and drinkable? Did you know that a silent toilet leak can waste up to 7,000 gallons of water per month? Come and stir it up with the Mad Scientist as you learn all about the amazing attributes of water while focusing on the importance of conserving this precious resource!


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